Pyrénées - Pirineos / España - France
Balaitous-Gran Facha-Vignemale


   Entrepyr project

This project was born from the desire of collaboration in mountain huts between the Federation Française des Clubs Alpins et de Montagne (FFCAM) ??and the Aragonese Mountaineering Federation (FAM).

The first meetings between the two entities begin to give shape to an idea, to improve cooperation in mountain huts and, above all, promote the flow of mountaineers who make cross-border routes using shelters both sides.

It concludes that, at the present time, the main promotional tool is the Internet, and therefore that should be the channel through which to reach the mountaineer public and approach it the possibility of crossing the Pyrenees using and linking Spain and France shelters. In addition, we are convinced, and the existing experiences are proof that the management of shelters improvement if they are incorporated and provides access to new technologies, in particular Internet.

A major barrier to this is the fact that it is only via satellite how to connect to Internet high mountain refuges. Moreover, these are facilities that generate their own energy required, so that the need to incorporate elements necessary to support these facilities with more energy generation elements. All this complicated and, above all, increases the costs of the proceedings.

However, we knew that getting it going would take an important step, because if we created together a web space where incorporábamos shelters and routes that unite them, and also we were able to get from that site could make online reservations in shelters, and even follow the routes that sprang digitally unify the French and Spanish mountain cartography, the tool could become very interesting for use by mountaineers.

The idea was raised. Missing now get funding to make it happen, and the opportunity to do so came to us through European programs POCTEFA.

These programs financially supporting cross-border cooperation projects taking as the Pyrenees. We understood that, by the philosophy of these programs in terms of content and objectives, ours fit perfectly and also came to represent a performance at the heart of the "Territory POCTEFA" same as it was actions taken literally on the border, in the same nexus of the French and Spanish territories.

It is finally in the third edition of POCTEFA 2007-2013, held in late 2013, when our project is selected and will therefore funded to perform.

European financing covers 65% of the investment, and being neither the FAM FFCAM or public entities, is bound to have some kind of public financing for the project can be selected. It has been, in France, by the Région Midi-Pyrenees and Pyrenees Atlantiques Departement, and in Spain, by the Provincial Council of Huesca.

Both POCTEFA European programs, as the three entities, we are very grateful for their support and commitment in this important mountain refuges in particular and the group of mountaineers in overall project.

The fact that our project out selected in the third of the calls, made it necessary adjustment for what we raised in the 2011 call, where our aim was to create a website and act on the entire territory concerning the French border Aragon. This time, the peculiarities of the last call, had to be adjusted much work, agreeing that the field of action would be, in terms of web space, the beds Balaitus - Gran Facha - Vignemale.

Thus was born this site, and so too, through this project, which has acquired six French shelters, Pombie, Arrémoulit, Larribet, Oulettes Gaube and Bayssellance, satellite systems Internet and computers besides energetic support elements both of them and some Spanish and Bachimaña Respomuso shelters.

It has also improved the collaboration between FFCAM and FAM on mountain huts, and has initiated a path set that we trust will be enduring work, and we hope other managers and entities claiming shelters are incorporated into the Pyrenees.

It is clear that a priority of ENTREPYR is to grow as a project. And to do so in the geographic area currently covered, and shelters that may have access to new technologies to improve its management, in addition to the entities that form part of it.

ENTREPYR is a project which includes as one of its main purposes mountaineers get together and interchangeably traveling on the Spanish and French Pyrenees shelters. We have put in this website tools to make this easier. He is now in the hands of the mountaineers use them. We wait up there, in shelters, your houses on the mountain.